The World’s Coolest Plane Just Got An Even Cooler Makeover


The World’s Coolest Plane Just Got An Even Cooler Makeover

Photos via Cordero Studios


We’ve covered the ICON A5 amphibious light sports aircraft before, but we couldn’t resist sharing this new concept for an updating of the kick-ass portable plane. We’re suckers for anything that looks a bit futuristic – or like it might possibly have escaped from the toy line of an ’80s cartoon – and this one definitely fits the bill in both cases. In order to show off the engineering that lies behind that sleek, fold-up exterior, the new skin echoes the technology underneath, with the important mechanical details rendered in satin titanium on top of the new matte black finish. Throw in some baller-as-hell orange detailing, and you’ve got something that just needs a couple oversized rockets strapped underneath to fit in at aG.I. Joe convention.

These sweet beasts are expected to be available by the start of 2015, and will set you back an admittedly slightly-more-than-a-bus-ticket $189,000. Check out the photos below, then sob miserably as you remember that you have to sit in traffic for three hours tonight, instead of flying your own private Awesome Mobile back to your secret headquarters.







“We Are Men” Actress Fiona Gubelmann


“We Are Men” Actress Fiona Gubelmann


Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013


Birthday: March 30
Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
Where You’ve Seen Her: This California girl has had a number of guest appearances on TV shows such as Cold Case, My Name is Earl, The Closer, and Californication. On the big screen you may have seen Fiona in Employee of the Month andBlades of Glory. You probably know her best, however, for her role as Jenna Mueller, owner of world’s most offensive dog, in FX’s Wilfred. Watch this funny girl in her new show, We Are Men, premiering Monday, September 30, on CBS.  


“2 Broke Girls” Actress Beth Behrs


“2 Broke Girls” Actress Beth Behrs


David Becker / Landov | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013


Birthday: December 26
Hometown: Lancaster, PA
Where You’ve Seen Her: This hot blonde’s first film role was in the teen comedyAmerican Pie Presents: The Book of Love. She also appeared in Adventures of Serial Buddies and Route 30, Too!, as well as on TV shows including NCIS: Los Angelesand the Hulu series, Pretty Tough. These days, she costars alongside fellow hottie,Kat Dennings, as an heiress-turned-waitress in CBS’s 2 Broke Girls, a sitcom about two roommates with one dream and zero dollars. We predict at least one cat fight this season, so be sure to watch.

Men Fake Them, Too! Men Fake Orgasms While Women Have Them By Thinking About Them


Men Fake Them, Too! Men Fake Orgasms While Women Have Them By Thinking About Them

Men Fake Them, Too! Men Fake Orgasms While Women Have Them By Thinking About Them

We women have outsmarted men yet again. While 22% of U.S. males are faking orgasms, we ladies are having no trouble achieving a climax just by thinking erotic thoughts. So you guys can go take your dongs and beat it! (Hehe, see what we did there?)

According to a new survey of 1,000 American men conducted by, divorced men are 67 percent more likely to simulate an orgasm than are single men.

“The main reason men fake it is to avoid having to talk about any potential sex issue. The fear is that not having an orgasm – and telling the truth about it – could generate anxiety in their partner and invite endless discussion,” says Dr. Seth Meyers, a Los Angeles-based psychologist who treats individuals and couples struggling with relationship and sexual problems.

“Men would rather avoid the issue altogether than confront it directly.”

Meanwhile, in another bed across town, a woman is having a “spontaneous orgasm” that requires no hand-holding at all. Researchers have been studying this phenomenon for quite some time. In 1953, Alfred C. Kinsey of Indiana University and his colleagues surveyed 2,727 women and found that two percent of the interviewees (54 women) reported an ability to reach orgasm by “fantasy alone.”

More recently, in late 2010, Dr. Barry R. Komisaruk and Nan Wise at Rutgers conducted brain scans to verify this finding. And indeed they discovered that “women who simply thought about the stimulation of their breasts and genitals, the scans revealed, lit up the brain’s corresponding sensory areas.”

“That’s not the traditional view of the sensory cortex,” Ms. Wise said recently, alluding to how sense organs are usually seen as responsible for the cortical responses.

So the next time we’re bored in a lecture, maybe we’ll try spicing things up….For our next magic trick, we will experience an orgasm using only our minds! Women – 1. Men – 0.

Rihanna Exposes Nipples In Fishnet Bodysuit For ‘Pour It Up’ Music Video


Rihanna Exposes Nipples In Fishnet Bodysuit For ‘Pour It Up’ Music Video

Rihanna Exposes Nipples In Fishnet Bodysuit For ‘Pour It Up’ Music Video


Who is less clothed these days: Miley Cyrus or Rihanna? It’s honestly debatable.Rihanna is recently pictured in a full-on, see-through, fish net body suit for her new music video, “Pour It Up.” 

The 25-year-old singer posted a series of these photos herself, as a behind-the-scenes preview for the upcoming video. The photos were uploaded via Instagram over the weekend. The song comes from Rihanna’s newest album Unapologetic.

E! Online reported that Rihanna posted, “Late night treat?” last night, ”#NAVY the behind the scenes photos from #POUR #IT #UP #Video will be posted on my Instagram page! So please forgive the overload!!”

In the highly anticipated video, Rihanna is wearing a curly white wig and has painted her eyebrows bubblegum pink. In one scene, Ri is dripping in diamonds and pearls. In another scene, the sexy singer slips into lingerie. There are other photos that include the pop star going braless and exposing her nipples…#NoBoundaries here.

Earlier on in the week, the director of the video, Vincent Haycock, announced that he was “no longer involved” with the “Pour It Up” music video. He went on and tweeted, “I took my name off the project due to creative differences. #stopharassingme.”

Ri wasn’t happy with this, so she of course gave it right back to him tweeting. “@vincehaycock luckily none of that matters, just take your name off the check while u at it! Whatever your issue is leave my fans out of it.” BOOM.

Rihanna – #winning

Haycock – #served

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 11.29.41 AM

Via E! Online, Photo Courtesy: Instagram

Is It Really Worth It To Upgrade Your iPhone? This Video Puts All iPhone Models To The Test


Is It Really Worth It To Upgrade Your iPhone? This Video Puts All iPhone Models To The Test

Is It Really Worth It To Upgrade Your iPhone? This Video Puts All iPhone Models To The Test

Apple has released eight iPhones since 2007, each one promised to out-perform the last.

Yet many have found that some of the previous models work faster and more efficiently than their successors.

Apple fan site EverythingApplePro set out to test these rumors by visually comparing the performances of every iPhone ever released, Daily Mail reports.

Each phone had the same default settings before testing began.

In the first section, the phones were all powered off simultaneously, with the 3G shutting down the fastest. The newer phones took noticeably longer to shut down than the older models, but each of the newer phones took exactly the same amount of time to power off, to the second.

Oddly enough, the 3G turned out to be the slowest to boot up. EverythingApplePro noted that different boot up times were expected due to the difference in processing power and software between the newer and older models. What was not expected, however, was the original model booting up faster than the iPhone 3G and 4.

In the final test, EverythingApplePro launched the and websites on each phone.

It’s in this area that the newest model shined through, with the 5S loading the sites “instantaneously,” according to the male voiceover in the tests.

When launching, the 5S loaded much quicker than every other model, including the iPhone 5.

In conclusion, the video maker said: “I learned that the amount of processing power is greater as the generation goes on, but it’s marginally less noticeable the higher you go, so if you have a 5 I wouldn’t really recommend upgrading to a 5S just based on the fact you want extra amount of power, because it has an amazing amount of power as it is.”

This Electronic Tattoo Works As A Thermometer That Lets People See Blood Move In Their Bodies


This Electronic Tattoo Works As A Thermometer That Lets People See Blood Move In Their Bodies

This Electronic Tattoo Works As A Thermometer That Lets People See Blood Move In Their Bodies

A team of University of Illinois researchers led by John Rogers has invented an ultra-thin electronic patch that tracks the heat running through your veins, theVerge reports.

“Normally on temperature, I’d think that’s not very interesting,” Rogers told the Verge. “It turns out, measuring skin temperature, let’s say to a tenth of a degree … that says something very meaningful about your physiological status and health.

“The job of a quarter-million-dollar machine for just pennies.”

Rogers’ team has developed a series of flexible electronics that are so thin they are virtually unnoticeable to the wearer, almost like a tattoo. His latest device contains a thermometer that can do the same things as a quarter-million-dollar thermal infrared camera even though it literally costs under a dollar to make.

It can measure body temperature over short or very long periods of time, telling doctors exactly what’s going on underneath a patient’s skin. The device can track heat as it flows through the bloodstream and even monitor how the dilation and constriction of blood vessels alters body temperature.

It can also induce small spikes of heat to test the skin’s reaction to temperature changes.

“That can say important things about cardiovascular health,” Rogers says.

The patch looks like a tiny, golden barcode with vines coming out of its top, and is applied to the skin using a water-soluble glue.

The statistics it reports are fed into a computer and displayed on screen. Rogers says the next step is making the device truly wireless, requiring no external power.

According to the Verge, Rogers’ research group began the project after being contacted by the National Institutes of Health, which said it was investigating new ways to better measure skin temperature.

“”We started on the skin. The same device can be applied anywhere on the body.

“There are lots of other places on the body where you might want to be able to do those kind of measurements,” Rogers says.

His team is currently figuring out how the device could be applied to internal organs and use additional sensors to measure more than just heat.