Netter Capital Partners


Mission Statement 

To provide our clients with the business development  services, investor relations and

corporate communication strategies that will help them rise above their competitors

and capture the focused attention of the business community. By infusing integrity,

innovation, and excellence into this industry we will aid our clients in developing the

long term relationships necessary to operate a successful investor relations program.

The Current State of Emerging Growth 

The environment for medium and small cap companies has entered a difficult period of time that is

without equal in the last 80 years of market history. In the 4th quarter of 2008 we saw the largest

market index drop since the Great Depression, and every day brings more negative news about

the economic crisis. Liquidity in all areas of finance has dried up, and for many small public

companies the ability to attract new shareholders and capital has become a day to day struggle

against slipping into bankruptcy. The number of investment banks and research analysts that focus

on firms with these market capitalizations has fallen dramatically to a 15 year low. Fewer tradi-

tional retail investors are investing in large cap stocks, let alone following these riskier emerg-

ing growth firms and the resulting lack of liquidity has scared away a great deal of institutional

interest. The competition for capital among publicly traded companies has reached a fever pitch

as businesses struggle to separate themselves from the pack. Add in increased legal costs from

Sarbanes-Oxley and class-action lawsuits and one can quickly come to the conclusion that being a

publicly traded emerging growth company isn’t quite the advantageous situation that it was

during late 90’s.

These are undoubtedly formidable obstacles to overcome, but they are not all negative. There are

three main benefits of the current investing atmosphere that we’ve isolated here at Netter


• There is a record amount of cash sitting on the sidelines right now, waiting to be put to

work. We believe that if a company can make a strong enough case for investment, there will be

money available. At some point the market will bottom out, and the firms that benefit the most

will be those that kept a high level of visibility and stayed in front of investors when times were


• Every single micro and small cap company operates within this new investing environment. Your competition, both within and outside of your industry, is a fighting to secure the same

capital from the same sources that you are. This presents an excellent opportunity to break away

from struggling competitors by attracting the attention of retail and institutional investors. Due

to the diminished focus on emerging growth firms, any benefits from this interest will be highly

leveraged by the scarcity of available capital.

• As the number of sources available for quality information on emerging growth firms

dwindle, the efficient market hypothesis comes under attack and gaps between market valuation

and “true” valuation tend to appear. The increasing scarcity of coverage by the business

community for micro and small cap companies has created a market where it is possible to

effectively expose individual firms to proactively influence the valuation for a stock.

How Netter Can Help 

We will work with your company to develop a comprehensive plan that targets the two essential

sources of capital for any public entity: retail and institutional investors. Attracting both is the key

to running a successful investor relations program, but each requires very different methods to

gain their attention. The one thing they do have in common is the absolute need for liquidity in a

potential investment.

A Departure from the Norm 

We strive to serve as a welcome break from the barrage of stock promotion “specialists” that have

no doubt been touting the possibility of 300 and 400 percent gains in a matter of weeks. While it

is possible to manipulate a low float stock upwards in a short amount of time, once the hot money

moves on it is usually you and your most loyal shareholders that are left holding the bag as stock

comes crashing down and the SEC starts knocking on the door. It’s a well known fact that

companies involved in such scams almost never recover to their previous price level and often

spend years trying to regain the trust of the investment community. It is our experience that the

best investor relations results come over a period of months and manufacturing explosive

movement in a period of days is no way to garner solid investor support.

What we do 

By building an effective system that can evolve rapidly to meet changing demands in the capital

markets, Netter Financial Partners, LLC can aid your firm in increasing liquidity and achieving

it’s ideal stock valuation. Our goal is to act as both a capital facilitator and a long term investor

relations mentor so we can lay the groundwork for our clients to continue working with our

program indefinitely. Based on your current IR activity, future goals, selected program elements,

and budget we can put together a plan that meets your individual needs. We welcome any input

you may have and look forward to developing a lasting and mutually advantageous relationship.

Program Offerings 

a) Social Media Program: We utilize the latest Web 2.0 social media and networking tools

to introduce our clients to an enormous online audience. We have created a platform that allows

company management to interact efficiently with current and potential shareholders, customers,

and media outlets through a seamless integration into an all-inclusive computer desktop application.

We teach clients how to leverage programs such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, and to create a self-propagating audience for both their company and its stock. These outlets

represent the future of investor relations and Netter is proud to be at the forefront of this microcap


b) Direct Mailer – With the mailer we target a list of over 250,000 contacts. A large portion of

this database is taken from shareholder lists of other bulletin board, pink sheet, and AMEX stocks.

We already know these investors look to put capital into successful and growth oriented microcap

stocks like yours. The remainder of the list is compiled of high net worth individuals and fund

managers eager to locate undervalued stocks. This has proven to be an outstanding way to

increase awareness of your company in the investment community, thus increasing your

shareholder base. Netter will place a toll free number on the brochures to handle any inquiries

and pitch the company to potential investors.

c) Full Service Broker/Fund Call Center – You will be assigned four dedicated phone

representatives at our call center. These callers will be directly contacting our personally

accumulated list of brokers and funds for presentation. The goal will be to initially introduce the

company through a comprehensive info package with the long term objective of creating an

ongoing relationship between each broker/fund and the company. As your firm grows we’ll be

able to continually provide updates to all interested parties. Your company will be provided with a

weekly spreadsheet of contacts and continuous feedback from these investors.

The call center will also: 

1) Take inbound calls from potential investors. We will provide a toll free number to attach to all

e-mails, mailers and press releases your company puts out. This serves as a great way to articulate

your company’s story while reducing the workload at the company so you can focus on operations.

2) Set up mini-road shows, if desired, with interested brokers and funds for personal meetings

with company management. We’ve been able to create a number of relationships for our past

clients through the call center that have resulted in research coverage, news articles, and funding

opportunities. We currently cover Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Boca, San

Francisco and Chicago among others.

d) Dissemination of Research Report and Press Releases – Netter will also provide a one

page research report summary in the form of an easily-disseminated investor fact sheet. We will

distribute your report and press releases by email to our opt-in network of retail investors, fund

managers, brokers, market makers, and newsletter contacts. We will also distribute the

information to our smaller “personal” network; sophisticated investors who bring real money to

the table. You will have unlimited access to our database for the duration of the three month

campaign which allows your company to disseminate new press releases to the database to keep

investors continually updated on company events.

e) Traders: Netter will introduce your company to experienced traders. A trader that takes a

liking to your stock will prove to be a valuable resource, working to combat the effects of manipu-

lation and naked shorting that often occur in the microcap market.

f) Road Shows – Netter will schedule conferences in major U.S. cities including New York,

Boston and Chicago – putting you in front of Brokers, Money Managers and Funds. Face-to-face

meetings with these industry heavy weights are the best ways to convey the strengths and goals of

your company directly to the broker/dealer market.

g) Press Release Services: Netter facilitates press release tagging and assists with distribution.

We can also work with management to provide writing and content coaching.

h) Mainstream and Industry Specific Media Exposure (PR Agency): We work with an

extensive network of industry specific PR consultants that specialize in helping us profile our

clients in the mainstream media. The process includes the following elements:

– Appraisal of client’s positioning within their industry and larger market as a whole

– Identification of target media outlets for pitching

– Compilation of company information in a manner fitting for reporters, editors, producers, etc.

– Distribution of media to these contacts via fax, email, and mail

– PR follow up by phone with each contact to answer additional questions and schedule interviews

– Interview preparation for television, radio, and print spots

i) Market Makers: Netter can assist your company by introducing the company, as

appropriate, to FINRA-registered broker dealers who may have an interest in market making

opportunities and retail investment opportunities. This is a critical component for newly public


j) Message Board / Online Presence Monitoring: 

-Observation of the major message boards, including Yahoo!, Raging Bull, Stock House, and

Silicon Investor to keep a finger on the pulse of the retail n

-Responding to negative comments on these forums as well as creating discussions, monitoring

“buzz,” and following competitors.

-We have groups that have created a following over the past 6 years within the message boards/

chat rooms. They are very effective at attacking these chat rooms with information and new

press about your company to bring in both day traders and more long term holders.


This campaign will aggressively pursue institutional and retail investors, both of which are

critical to an effective awareness program. We’ll work closely with management and advisors to

lay out a detailed and precise timeline, essential to market success.

Contacts at Many of the Top U.S. Dailies 

Personal Finance Magazines 

USA Today

American Medical News

The Wall Street Journal

Los Angeles Business Journal

New York Times


Los Angeles Times

The Denver Business Journal

Washington Post

Entrepreneur Magazine

Chicago Tribune


Houston Chronicle

Popular Science

Dallas Morning News


The Boston Globe


Chicago Sun-Times

Physician’s MONEY DIGEST

The San Diego Union Tribune


The Orange County Register


The Miami Herald

U.S. News & World Report

The Sacramento Bee

Morningstar StockInvestor

San Jose Mercury News

Profitable Investing

The Boston Herald

San Diego Business Journal

The Seattle Times

Netter’s Clients have been covered by numerous national television programs 

and print publications including: 





Wall Street Journal


Netter Capital Partners


TORONTO – April 23, 2014 – IC Potash Corp.(TSX: ICP; OTCQX: ICPTF) (“ICP” or the “Company”) announced today the appointment of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, acting through its wholly-owned banking subsidiaries, the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. and Union Bank, N.A. (collectively “MUFG” or the “Bank”), as financial advisor for its 100%-owned Sulphate of Potash (“SOP”) Ochoa Project located in southeast New Mexico.


MUFG will provide advice with respect to project financing, including both debt and equity. MUFG is one of the most active project finance banks in the world, covering a variety of industries including mining. The Bank has been the number one project finance arranger in the Americas since 2009, and was recognized as Project Finance International’s Global Bank of the Year for 2013.


Sidney Himmel, President and Chief Executive Officer…

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