The Security Of Relationships: Why Can’t You Just Be Single?


The Security Of Relationships: Why Can’t You Just Be Single?

The Security Of Relationships: Why Can’t You Just Be Single?

I have a friend who is flying out to China today because her boyfriend found a job over there as a dentist. What she is going to do over there, I have no clue. She doesn’t speak Mandarin nor Cantonese. She doesn’t have any jobs lined up. She is just flying over there with her boyfriend because — I presume — she loves him. The issue is that this is her newest boyfriend; not more than 4 months ago she was in Paris visiting another boy. And that was just 3 months after breaking up with her other boyfriend…You get the picture.

I’m not saying that my friend likes to play it loose and gets around — all I’m saying is that she loves dating and loves being loved. I am sure that all of you have a friend that follows a similar pattern — someone who goes in and out of relationships indefinitely. Hell, even I myself have just recently met a woman who has barely gotten out of a relationship and is already doing her best to get into another one.

Okay…she’s trying to lock me down. And okay…she may not have exactly been out of the last relationship when things got started. We all know someone that can’t seem to stay single. Why, people? Why can’t you just stay single?

There are countless benefits to being single. Literally, countless — as long as you keep meeting new prospective sexual partners. But seriously, there are a lot of great things about being single. For example, it allows you to focus on yourself and on your passions. It opens up your schedule so that you can be more productive, more efficient and less rushed.


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