DineroFX is the first and only private currency exchange allowing cell phone, landline and Internet Users to speculate on changes in currency values between nations. The software mediated platform authorized by prepaid card investment that can be activated and traded from any telephone or Internet access point. Like other Forex software platforms (abbreviated for “Off Exchange Retail Foreign Currency Market), DineroFX offers a high degree of leverage for the buying and selling of foreign currencies, one against another, at the individual User’s selection.

Unlike than other Forex platforms, DineroFX, exclusive to the Dominican Republic, allows any cell phone, landline or Internet User the ability to speculate on the price movement of foreign currencies for a very low entry cost with high potential return but with limited downside risk. Although anyone can be easily empowered to speculate using the DineroFX proprietary prepaid cards purchased from local vendors throughout the Country, account holders must be 18 or older. For as little as 200 DR Pesos, and a few minutes of time with simple voice prompt instructions, Spanish or English, Users can instantly speculate on minute price movement changes from currency selections of the User’s choice.

Prior to the advent of the Internet and software advancements, Forex speculation was only available to large banks and multi-national corporations through their professional trading departments. The cost to participate in the past was very high and not available to the average person. DineroFX now empowers its Users the ability to speculate on fractional price movement through instant order fulfillment and very high leverage, but with automatic position liquidation in the event the market moves adversely to any open account position. These established Forex markets are open 24/7 without interruption with commensurate price changes that are almost continuous. This allows Users/Account holders to speculate on such small price movement to potentially make money quickly or limit account loss to the amount on deposit in any respective account.

All account deposits and disbursements are in Dominican Pesos but Users may select a base currency for personal reference of account balance and valuation purposes. Due to constant currency fluctuations, exact exchange values may vary. Please select base currency preference.


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