Westgate Risk Protection


Westgate Risk Protection

WESTGATE Risk Protection Ltd. introduce a new approach to the Security, Intelligence, Foreign Support

Operations and Defense fields. We support your organization among our team of professionals with

demonstrated international experience. Our personnel have the knowledge of working in government and

private sector performing sustaining services to the democratic world and facing all types of threats.

We all live in a globalized society which offers many business opportunities and human development. However

those opportunities require the display of technical and human resources -including armed forces- in areas with

a lack of security and associate services.

THAT´S OUR MISSION: Facilitate your work worldwide at any time and protect your interests and the ones of

your organization.

As an enterprise absolutely orientated to global services, we would like to be the final solution to your needs in

terms of High-Tech security, Intelligence, Defense, Foreign Operations support and field medicine. We facilitate

our clients’ operations due to the fact that we understand the importance of their goals, their complexities and

the necessity to carry it out in the best way as possibleand we do it with suitable discretion, professionalism

and integrate our experience and understanding with other cultures.

Our better references are the various projects achieved with enormous success in distant countries and regions

with different environments such as Venezuela, Mexico, Somalia, Iraq, Brazil, Haiti, Kenya, Spain or Poland to

name a few


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