5 Supposedly Healthy Things That Aren’t


5 Supposedly Healthy Things That Aren’t

Last week, multivitamins and anti-bacterial soap seemed like pretty good ideas. This week, not so much.

The Food and Drug Administration on Monday suggested these two seemingly good-for-you items, used by millions of people every day, aren’t all they’re stacked up to be. So we decided to look into these and other common, everyday practices to see how they can help or hurt.

Antibacterial Soap


The FDA says it’s unclear whether anti-bacterial soap is better than regular soap at halting the spread of illness. An FDA proposal calls for the makers of these products to prove that their products are safe and effective, or they need to be relabeled.

The FDA still wants people to wash their hands to avoid getting sick and spreading germs. But for now, regular soap will do the trick.


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