New King of POTASH


New King of POTASH

Speaking to the Bundestag, German Chancellor Angela Merkel tied a EU-U.S. free trade deal to the outcome of the National Security Agency spying scandal. “The relationship with the U.S. and the negotiation of a transatlantic free trade agreement are currently, without doubt, being put to the test by the accusations that have been aired against the U.S. about the gathering of millions of bits of data,” Merkel said. She also asked the U.S. for a “clarification” of the NSA’s operations in Europe. That did not sound like much of an ultimatum: Merkel is not calling off the trade talks or threatening any specific unfriendly moves against the U.S. As her political rivals on the left accuse her of cowardice, Merkel and her government are content to wage a polite war of words on America, discussing the spying scandal as “accusations” and rebutting U.S. attacks on Germany’s trade surplus.


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